On the maps it says “Watersvale”…but no one really calls it that. That’s far too ordinary a name for a town full of freaks, monsters and superheroes!

Welcome to…Weirdsville!


Bursting from the pages of Particle Fiction, Hypergirl is the newest, awesomest super-hero set to take the comics world by storm.

Story by David Wynne & Ian Sharman / Art by David Wynne / Colours and Letters by Ian Sharman


When bored teenage girl Charley Matthews visits Watersvale Museum, she has no idea that a chance encounter with the dying Doc Hyperpower is about to change her life forever. Will she rise to the occasion and defeat the evil of Pharaonicus, or will she lock herself in her bedroom and listen to The Cure? Find out in this senses shattering debut of Weirdsville’s newest hero – Hypergirl!

Full colour, 32 pages.

Available in print from IndyPanet – $4.50

Available digitally:
Comixology – UKUSA/DriveThru


Hypergirl is back, but why is she being plagued by mysterious attacks with an ancient Egyptian theme? Who is Pharaonika and what connection does she have with Pharaonicus? And how can the mysterious John Smythe, a magician with ties to Wierdsville’s strange past, help Charley defeat this strange new threat?

Full colour, 32 pages.

Available digitally:
Comixology – UKUSA/DriveThru



Black Rat is missing and his sidekick Mouse needs Hypergirl’s help to find him? But how does this tie in to the disappearance of a Egyptologist and his daughter? Perhaps the mysterious John Smythe has the answers…or have two villains from Hypergirl’s past got to him first? Find out as Hypergirl’s very first adventure reaches a thrilling conclusion!

Full colour, 32 pages.

Available digitally:
Comixology – UKUSA/DriveThru



Collecting #’s 1-3 with a wealth of extra material, including concept art and a history of Weirdsville.

Full colour, 128 pages.

Available in print from: Markosia

Also available in print from the Amazon marketplace – UKUSA

Available digitally: Comixology – UKUSA/DriveThru/iBooks/Kindle – UKUSA


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