Orang Utan Comics are currently closed to submissions. We are, in many ways a studio/collective, rather than a true publisher, and as such we aren’t currently interested in publishing projects that aren’t generated in house. Does this mean that there’s no way of working with us? Of course not! What we would suggest is coming along to one of the many conventions that we exhibit at, introducing yourself, show us your work, get to know us…and then we can have a chat about working together. We make comics for the love of the medium and to get our work out there and get it seen and read by other people…this takes a huge amount of time and energy and over the years we’ve discovered that energy is best spent promoting our own work, rather than other people’s. Still, if you want to work with us and work together with us to promote your work and our work, then that’s different. If you want to get in touch with us and can’t make it to a convention, then feel free to email Ian at

Please do take some time to familiarise yourself with the kind of work we publish before getting in touch with us. We do have projects in various stages of development that may need pencilers, inkers and colourists…so feel free to send us samples, but we don’t publish a huge amount of work, so please don’t be too disappointed if we don’t reply. We can’t stress enough the importance of sending appropriate samples – five or six pages of SEQUENTIAL art…not pin ups, covers or character designs.

Also, whether you intend to send us some samples or approach us at a convention, here is some great advice regarding portfolios from our EIC, Ian Sharman:


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