Orang Utan Comics are pleased to announce two exciting new releases, Dead Men #1 and Hypergirl!

Dead Men follows the tale of Cole, Sean, Alderman, Turner, Nash,  Dalton  : six professional criminals who, at a security depot on the outskirts of  Chicago  , pull off the biggest cash robbery in  UShistory. Afterwards, they know the drill: keep a low profile. Keep your mouth shut. Be smart.
But they’re about to find out that the old rules don’t apply anymore. Not in a city where the dead are returning to life and feeding on the living. And not when one of them decides his share of the payoff isn’t enough and that instead he wants it all.
These career criminals are wanted men. Dangerous men. And now they’re going to have to work very hard to not become dead men.

Hypergirl introduces us to the strange and unusual world of “Wierdsville,” a city where almost anything can happen. We meet bored teenage girl Charley Matthews who has no idea that a chance encounter with the dying Doc Hyperpower is about to change her life forever. Will she rise to the occasion and defeat the evil of Pharoanicus, or will she lock herself in her bedroom and listen to The Cure? Find out in this senses shattering debut of Weirdsville’s newest hero – Hypergirl!

Chek out Dead Men here, and Hypergirl here.