Alpha Gods: Emergence hardcover now available!

Pick up a signed copy of the brand new Alpha Gods: Emergence hardcover today!


This new hardcover edition of Alpha Gods: Emergence has been completely remastered and relettered with new dialogue and a completely redrawn and extended prologue. It also features a Foreword by Christopher Jones (Young Justice, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) and never before seen and rare artwork, including the original six page Alpha Gods strip that first appeared in Eleventh Hour #1.

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Forgotten Planet!

Check out this great new graphic novel from Orang Utan Comics co-founder, Pete Rogers, on Kickstarter!

Forgotten Planet – By Peter Rogers and Giancarlo Caracuzzo

A heart-felt science fiction, action adventure about freedom, identity and revisiting your past.

In 1976 …a secret war raged on Pluto.

In 2006…Pluto’s planet status was revoked.

One by one…those who know the truth are being silenced.

But one man remembers everything.

30 years later… Cale Beckett must return to the…

forgotten planet

Forgotten Planet is a Science Fiction graphic novel, created by Pete Rogers and Giancarlo Caracuzzo.  It follows Cale Beckett, a legendary former mercenary, as he seeks to unravel his past on the frozen planetoid.

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