Hero: 9 – 5 Blue page

Already Hero:9 – 5 second volume has shaped up to be a darker number, but Ian Sharman has a plan. Working through the rough story outline old school Marvel-style, he and David Gray are constructing a book which will poke fun at the gritty and violent comic book tropes.
While the guys work on balancing the ‘darkness of men’s souls’ against parody and satire, I get to wrangle colours virtually unrestricted. With little more than a general outline as a guide, imagination plays an important role. But, let’s focus on this page.

The second book concerns itself primarily with the day-to-night activities of the supporting cast from book one, so issue three is the first time we catch a glimpse of Frostica’s shiny new outfit. It’s only logical that Blue Girl, her freshly-introduced companion, be dressed in blue too. I’m very fortunate to work in a team that doesn’t stifle creativity, which means there was no one to protest if I decided to expand the blue palette into the rest of the page.

In contrast to Flame-O’s comparatively unglamorous ‘Flame mobile’ from book one, ‘Frosticar’ is an azure blue. I’m considering adding a custom ice-flame paint job, because she could afford one, given her background. Lastly, I greatly look forward to Ian’s words on these pages. Hero has shattered the wafer-thin fourth wall with regular frequency, so I do aim to tailor my colours to expand on those opportunities. Hopefully, our writer boss will take the bait and fill the page with self-referential blue jokes. An issue and a half to go before we find out!


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