Hero: 9 – 5 Volume Two Cover

Behold, the face of Hero: 9 – 5 volume two, with lineart by David Gray, colours by Yel Zamor and words by OUC’s own Ian Sharman. The cover teases with characters introduced in the new book, as well as the supporting cast from volume one, such as Loner, The Rocket, Thunder Woman and Mental Lady, who each get their own moment in the spotlight.

In contrast to the warmth of the preceding covers, there is a shift towards colder tones to reflect the second book’s darker and moodier themes. We have already posted a few teaser pages on the graphic novel’s official Facebook page. There, you will also find the cover lineart by David Gray.

To read the story so far, you can order Hero: 9 – 5 volume one from Markosia’s official website. The book is also available on iTunes for your iPhone & iPad.


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