Alpha Gods: Betrayal #4 now available from IndyPlanet!

The latest instalment of the Alpha Gods saga, Betrayal #4, is now available in print from the good people over at IndyPlanet!

The Alpha Gods take on The Guardians of the New Humanity, a rogue group of Extra Humans fighting against human oppression. Unknown to them, the DEHA have a secret agent working undercover within the group. What will happen when the two groups come face to face in a struggle for the future of their people?

[Retailers please note: As with all of our books on IndyPlanet, a discount applies whenever you order five or more copies].


Shrapnel: Case Files #1 gets “Pick of the Week” on DriveThru Comics!

The awesome folk over at DriveThru Comics have made Shrapnel: Case Files #1 their Pick of the Week! Head on over to DriveThru Comics now to download a copy of Shrapnel: Case Files #1 to find out why they loved it!

Shrapnel is Weirdville’s newest hero. He’s on a mission to take out the city’s gangs and track down their leader, the mysterious Titania. With the help of DC Fraser Arkwright, Shrapnel will have to learn how to take on everyone from crime lords to super powered street fighters, using just his brain and a little engineering genius. However this boy hero isn’t all that he seems.

Lalla Olivier is bored of her life but when she stumbles across incriminating evidence in her boss’s desk her life changes forever. Enter Shrapnel, Weirdsville’s newest hero. Could this boy vigilante be the answer to her problems? Or is there more to this than meets the eye.

Alpha Gods Opportunity

Orang Utan Comics is pleased to announce that as your eyes skitter through this blog entry, the ink is cooling on the final page of Alpha Gods: Betrayal #4 Kickin’ up Dust. In related news, we will regretfully be bidding adieu to Yel Zamor (our colour artist on Betrayal #2 & #3), who will be flying the Alpha Gods nest to serve out her busy comic schedule on other graphic novel projects. However, as this door closes, an opportunity knocks. It knocks for you.

The OUC is now officially seeking a fresh and eager face to join the team behind the long-running graphic novel. Combining the writing talents of Ian Sharman (Hero: 9 – 5) and the art of Ezequiel Pineda, Alpha Gods is an exciting science fiction drama set in the far future. With the young extra-humans set to battle aliens, supernatural beings as well as their raging hormones, can the team keep it together long enough to conquer their enemies?

Those looking to edge their foot in the door and gain valuable experience in comics, joining the AG team is a perfect opportunity. While we cannot offer payment, the colour artist will be able to take advantage of flexible work hours to add published comic work to their portfolio.

Please check the Alpha Gods facebook page for the style and standard desired for this project. You may email no more than three samples of colours on sequential comic art (please, no pinups) to Ian Sharman at, adding ‘Alpha Gods Colourist’ in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!