OUC at the LSCC

The London Super Comic Con has been discussed in hushed tones for months with excitement hitting fever pitch as the promotion machine kicked into high gear. Updates of creator guests, listing both American and UK talent, helped spread interest but it wasn’t until organisers announced the return of Stan Lee, back in the UK for the first time in many years, that the show reached the attention of an even wider comic aficionado circle. With IDW topping off a stellar guest list, workaholic professionals too have plenty to look forward to.

The inaugural show promises to bring comics back into centre stage and hopes are high.

OUC is excited to be taking part in such a big show that is so focused on comics.” Enthuses Orang Utan Comics’ Editor in Chief, Ian Sharman. “To be part of an event that’s attracted such an amazing guest list is truly thrilling. It gives us an opportunity to reach an audience that we know are enthusiastic about comics and we’re all very energised by the opportunities that will hopefully bring.”

Preparation for the convention has been a very busy time for OUC. Ian Sharman has created striking logos, graphics and other content that we will be proud to present to the comic fans. Be sure to look out for a special free souvenir convention booklet containing exclusive art from many of the attending guests.

We are also proud to announce the official launch of our newest book Alpha Gods: Emergence. You are invited to visit our table (B 19) to have your copy signed by the OGN’s creators. Markosia and Orang Utan Comics will be offering portfolio reviews.

Do not miss your chance. Be there on 25th – 26th at the ExCel centre in London.
Markosia – booth B 18.
Orang Utan Comics – booth B 19.


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